EU H2020 Project “TrustwOrthy model-awaRE Analytics Data platfORm (TOREADOR) was the first project coordinated by CINI and was carried out under the umbrella of the National Lab on Big Data. It aimed to overcome major hurdles that have prevented many European companies from reaping the full benefits of Big Data analytics (BDA), namely, the lack of IT expertise and budget. To overcome this hurdle, TOREADOR proposed a model-based BDA-as-a-service (MBDAaaS) approach, providing models of the entire Big Data analysis process and of its artefacts. TOREADOR open, suitable-for-standardisation models support substantial automation and commoditisation of Big Data analytics, while enabling it to be easily tailored to domain-specific customer requirements.

This tutorial presents the heritage left by TOREADOR in the business and research community as a whole. It then presents how some of its partners exploited the project results and knowledge in their business processes and supply chains as follows.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica presents how starting from the TOREADOR approach and results, it has been possible to advance towards a cloud-edge Data Science and Machine Learning platform for the rapid Big Data Analytics (BDA) application prototyping and deployment on the edge. During the session it will be presented a real use case, under development in the INFINITECH project, where such a platform is used to design and develop a ML-based system on Cybersecurity and Fraud Detection in Financial Transactions.
SAP Research presents the impact of the TOREADOR approach on SAP business processes and their research activities
AVIO presents the impact of the TOREADOR approach on AVIO business processes.
CINI presents the impact of project TOREADOR on the activities of Sesar Lab at Università degli Studi di Milano along three main lines: i) Big data platform configuration and deployment; iii) research on big data assurance and governance.


  • Davide Michele Bezzi, SAP Research
  • Davide Dalle Carbonare, ENGINEERING
  • Claudio A. Ardagna, UNIMI
  • Nicola Bena, UNIMI
  • Jonatan Maggesi, UNIMI
  • Antongiacomo Polimeno, UNIMI

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